Purpose of establishment

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Purpose of establishment

The purpose of AKEDA

Lack of capital and

Although there has never been a more
wealthy and affluent era throughout
history, Africa is not on the list of
wealthy continent. Continent of Africa
has a various industrial advantages such as
a vast tract of land, abundant natural
resources and manpower with competitive
wages, benefits of free export to developed
region like US or EU, and a huge consumer
market that can grow to infinity as the
economy evolves; however, They could not
harness the advantages because of the lack
of infrastructures, capital and technologies.

In fact, The Korean economy
and the industrial environment
of African countries are complementary.
Over the past 60 years, the Korean
economy has accumulated the
experience, technologies and a gigantic
capital, which could lead an effective and
fast growth to various African countries.
The problems from Korea such as
the lack of land, the lack of manpower,
the saturation of the construction market,
the regression of consumption market,
the lack of investment can be resolved
when they meet a new power
of Africa. And then, the exploration of
new markets and the increase of
employment can make a new
virtuous circle of the Korea economy.

Complement each other to drive rapid economic growth

A New Model
of the
virtuous cycle

A reasonable combination of national, external and external financial institutions and national institutions

The growth of
Africa and Korea

So far, with the idea that they cannot lead
to concrete action although they know
about it because there is no system
or no reliable association,
AKEDA; Africa-Korea Economic 
Development Association has been
founded with reasonable combination of
experts, member companies with
cutting-edge equipment and experiences,
many foreign and domestic financial
institutions, and government institutions
to lead a mutual growth
between Africa and Korea.

AKEDA will support sound promotion of the
national economy through various ways to
national economy development like
increasing productivity with advancement
agricultural/fishing/livestock industries,
the increase of income and export with the
foster of the processing industry through
modernization of distribution infrastructure,
a job creation through foreign direct
investment (FDI) to manufacturing industry
with the formation of industrial complex not
just building infrastructure. AKEDA will help
develop, process, export the abundant
natural resources of Africa to secure
foreign currencies. AKEDA also will
perform human resource development
through technology education. 

Increase productivity through advancement of agriculture, water and livestock industries

Support the healthy
growth of the
national economy

Hopefully AKEDA be a total chain of cultural communication between
Korea and Africa beyond the purpose of economic development.


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