New Address :
14 Dongwooli Building 3F of 92,
Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Old address :
Dongwoo Building 3F, 944-20,
Daechi, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

TEL : 02-2052-8677 / FAX : 02-2052-8678

Public transportation

Exit 4 of Samsung Station and walk straight ahead to enter 50m on the way to the textile center and the Twosome Place.

1143 (Jeongneung and Gaepo-dong), 363 (Gyeong-dong), 361 (Gangdong-gu and Eul-eung-dong), 146 (midnight) (Sangjeong-dong)

Blue Bus
2413 (Seongsu-dong and Gaepo-dong), 3422 (Songpa), 4418 (Sadang-dong and Notak-dong), and 01 (Sadang-dong Vee intersection).
3411 (Sadang-dong Byeonghwang Range), 4428 (Gaepo-dong Byeongjae-dong), 2415 (Jayang-dong Bywang-dong), 3217 (Geung-dong Children’s Grand Park)
3414 (Gyeong-dong and Express Terminal), 3417 (Jangji-dong and Samsung Station), 4419 (Seongnam Ursu Apgujeong)

Green Bus
2413 (Seongsu-dong ↔ Gaepo-dong), 3422 (Songpa ↔ Japangjae-dong), 4418 (Sadang-dong ↔ Euwang-dong),
Gangnam 01 (Sadang-dong ↔ Daechi intersection), 3411 (Sadang-dong Vee confrontation intersection),
4428 (Gaepo-dong and Jangjae-dong), 2415 (Jayang-dong and Daechang-dong), 3217 (Geoyo-dong Bi-chill Grand Park), 3218 (Songpa-gu, Jangpa-gu), 3414 (Gyeong-dong and Express Terminal),3417 (Jangjidong and Samsung), 4419 (Seongnam and Apgujeong)

Airport Limousine Bus
600 (Jamsil Pal Incheon Airport), 606 (Cheonho-dong and Incheon Airport)

Red bus
9407 (Bundang ↔ Apgujeong)

I made a U-turn about 200 meters from Samsung station intersection towards Teheran.
Enter the Fiber-center building and the Twosome Place Road by 50m.

※ Parking : There is a pay parking lot near DongwoorI Building.


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