Greetings from the Chairman

AKEDA; Africa-Korea Economic Development Association is founded to lay the groundwork for mutual growth between Africa and Korea through efficiently supporting the African countries’ national economy and social development combination with accumulated Korean technology, manpower and experience.

Africa has a various industrial advantages such as manpower with competitive wages, natural resources that can be developed, a vast market of 1 billion consumers. AKEDA has purpose to support the efficient ways to realistic economic development.

Over the past 60 years, started from the poorest country in the world, Korea has accumulated various assets. When Africa meets these assets, it can make a new bilateral growth momentum.

AKEDA recognize Africa a new axis of world growth, and cooperate to harness the asset and experience for African countries’ economic development. We ask that all member countries, member companies and related agencies pay keen attention to cooperate to ensure that AKEDA can achieve the desired goal.


Brief history

  • 1952 Born in Gangneung, Gangwon, Korea
  • 1975 Graduated from the economics department of Seoul National University
  • 1981 Master of Economics at Minesotar University in the United States
  • 1998 Doctor of economics in economics at Chungang University,Korea.
  • 1974 he passed the 15th civil service exam.
  • 1997~1999 he was a deputy director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  • 1999~2000 Economic Policy Director of the Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • 2000~2001 The presidential secretary for finance and economy
  • 2001~2002 Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy
  • 2002~2003 The Director General General of Procurement
  • 2003~2004 Senior Presidential Secretary for Government Policy
  • 2004~2006 OECD Ambassador
  • 2006 Senior Presidential Secretary for Economic Policy and Chief Policy in
  • 2006~2008 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economy
  • 2008~ A visiting professor at KAIST Graduate School of Finance
  • 2014년~ CEO and President of Balbec KPL Korea
  • Chairman of AKEDA in June 2018


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